Two trade offers I need help on

10T full ppr redraft league…

  1. Sony Michel for Lindsay and Kupp
  2. Sony and Amari Cooper for Hyde, Lindsay and Kupp

My current roster…Sony, Kerryon, dalvin Cook, Latavius Murray, Chubb, Landry, Manny Sanders, Cooper, Godwin, Keke

Don’t listen to me because I’m not as experienced as many people here, but until the day I die I will never trust a Patriots player not named Brady or Gronk, and I don’t trust them either.

I would make trade #1 in a heartbeat. Kupp has decent targets and he’s on the Rams. The freaking rams. I think Lindsay will be better. Hell, I’d do a straight trade giving up Sony for Lindsay, though some may disagree with me there.

EDIT: Full point PPR?! That’s an extra 5,6,4,and 9 point since the start of the season for Kupp. Do it.

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I like the second trade way better… I feel like you need an RB1, cause cook is banged up, and hyde is one. Sony is a great player, but hes clearly sharing time with white(who already have a TD tonight and is a better receiver). And as a plus you would be getting rid of Amari Cooper(the guys in the podcast have been saying he sucks) for a better WR(kupp). And as a plus, you would also get lindsay who has such a high ceiling.


Good points, I don’t have a strong feeling about the 2nd trade but I’d be interested in selling high on Cooper and… damn… I just looked up Hyde.

Yeah, go #2!


Taking this one step further…if I got Lindsay I kno I can get Royce Freeman in a separate trade jus in case Lindsay went down…

i like royce waaay better than lindsay in standard leagues, even coach joseph said they’re going to give freeman more oportunities. But since this is a full ppr, i believe any of them is startable almost every week… Im not sure you should trade for freeman unless you could get a great deal for him

I think I can get him pretty cheap

This guy also offered another trade he’s backing out on the other…now he’s sayin Chubb and Sony for Kupp and Lindsay

So, trade n2 is out of the table? haha I believe getting hyde would be the best for you.
But man, chubb and sony for kupp and lindsay, in a full ppr, is still a great deal. For me, chubb is now a stash, he isnt playable yet, and he may not even be this season… Having kupp, you will have a valuable player, you will probably get a great deal in a trade envolving him