Two Trade Possibilites. Which one is better?

I have either Yeldon for Marvin Jones Jr or Yeldon+ D. Thomas for Golden Tate + Sammy Watkins?

Half PPR League
My Roster:
QB: Rivers
RB: Gurley, Mixon, Yeldon, Ekeler
WR: Diggs, Davis, D. Thomas, Kirk, Callaway

Which one would you guys choose?

Personally I lean towards the 2-2. Your WR depth behind Diggs is suspect and Tate and Watkins give you more options/upside there.

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I agree with goober, D. Thomas is lagging behind sanders this year so getting Tate and Watkins really gives you more room to breath in terms of receivers.

I’m getting told that I shouldn’t even do that trade. That I can get more for Yeldon. Do you think thats true?

You may be able to get a bit more for him, but I dont think the current deal is unfair. Possibly try targetting the fornette owner, yeldon has the most value to them.

Haha he is the fournette owner

I lean towards the 2-2. I want no part of the roller coaster Thomas season so I see freeing yourself of that headache as a huge plus.

Would be helpful to know his roster. Have you tried a yeldon-DT for WR1 type trade offer?

The 2-2 Roster is
RB: Hyde, Morris, Fournette
WR: D. Adams, Watkins, Amendola, T. Gabriel. G Tate, Allen Hurns

I’m not sure if Yeldon+D. Thomas for D. Adams would be fair lol

Yeah, with his reciever core I dont see him moving adams. The 2-2 is probably the most fair/benefifical for both sides.

Thats what I’m thinking too. Thanks for your advice and input!