Two trades I have on the line are they good moves?

Ok first of all I love you guys. 14 man league first trade is getting OBJ for Conner and Cooper. Good right? After that I will trade AJ Green for Travis Kelce and Corey Davis. If those trades went through my team would be Cousins, Zeke, OBJ, Robinson, Kelce, Davis, Allison, Collins, Hogan, Burkhead, and watching this game claim is put in for Callaway. Holy bleep does he look good just wait for Baker to get in and OMG. And I’ll need to add a RB. Which is the biggest downside of the trade not getting an RB back.

if your the one getting obj and giving away connor and cooper I would never accept that. the aj trade is not the best imho but if you need a te and and half decent wr. the second trade is up to you and your situation but the first trade I would never do, but that is just what I think

I like the first trade for you, might be a little light for Beckham but it’s not insulting. Not so high on the second one. I feel like if you can find a decent TE option pursue that. I like having the AJ-OBJ combination

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On the second one. But I’m getting an elite TE. Streaming isn’t easy in this league with a couple dummies having 2. Sure that OBJ Green combo does sound great I like both Robinson, Allison, still have faith for in Collins for a flex.
1st trade he said he liked and will probably accept it. He said he wanted to trade a RB for a back QB…

Also already lost what’s his face from Tennessee. Walker. Delaney Walker.

Why never accept that. Explain your thinking please

I said I would never accept that but it depends on situation. I don’t know what his team is so I dont know if he has good rbs or wrs. I personally would not accept

Current team Cousins, Zeke Conner, Green Robinson, Alison, Burkhead, Eborn, Copper and Collins. I get rid of the worry of Lev coming back with Conner and Cooper is his own headache. And I get OBJ. Which is a great compliment for Green’s super safe floor. That is until I trade him lol

OBJ owners are nervous after last week, i like that first trade a lot for you, moving connor for season long value is nice. i would personally keep obj and green, and stream TE, or move green for someone like kittle and a good rb