Two trades offered

Two trades which side do you want? Dynasty standard league

Mostert/waller/josh allen for AJ Brown / Paris campbell

Cook for singletary

superflex give me the josh allen side…single qb the aj brown side

if that is dalvin cook smash the accept button on getting him for singletary

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Couldnt agree more with @boardereric9 ^^^


SF I am on the J Allen side, but in standard dynasty AJB 100%

If it is Dalvin Cook, yes please!

FWIW, those are not even close in my mind. I would feel very confident in those choices. Just my thoughts, but I hope they help!

Thanks the guy that traded me Dalvin Cook says he is worried about his health. But went forward with both. Lamar Jackson is my starter so feeling pretty good.

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Nice! Sounds like it worked out well :slight_smile: