Ty+A.Robinson for Mack

I would get Mack… Should I do this in half ppr?

My RB: Carson, Ty Johnson, Montgomery, Singletary
My WR: Hopkins, A. Robinson, G. Tate, Kirk, Davis, Crowder

I feel like Im losing the trade on paper, yet feel like I need this for my team in order to get help at RB position, and Mack is passed his bye. Can I get a better back than Mack?

I’ve been trying to swap Robinson for Tate or ty for Singletary in this deal, but he isn’t budging… thoughts?

I would do this.

Singletary might blow out any week and can be your flex, with Carson and Mack as rb 1 and 2.

Hopkins Will be your wr1 and Tate fringe wr2. You would be at a disadvantage at wr2 position but honestly a rob isn’t trustworthy (even though he keeps it doing every week). Last week most of his points came in garbage time. With Nagy calling plays now, you don’t know how it might turn out.

Also, you can keep close eyes on waivers and try to get another wr for Davis or crowder but this trade would setup your rb core for ros.


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That’s exactly how I’m feeling… I would take a hit at WR but it would help lock down my RBs especially after losing Kerryon. Ty Johnson might be good but there’s no telling whether he’ll be able to step up, especially after Kerryon already was struggling some.

I’d have to play the matchups more closely at WR, and hopefully be able to lean on Hopkins… my first overall pick has to start winning me some games lol

I like that deal for you! I’m dealing with a Mack deal myself and the owner came to me asking for Hooper. My RBs are Kamara/Murray, Ingram, Michel and Penny and I have Hunter at TE, Russ at QB and Thielen Hopkins Golden Tate. Ppr redraft.

Considering taking Mack in this deal…don’t know why I’m hesitant lol

Hooper has been putting up big numbers, but given you have Henry I would make that trade

Most of Robinson’s points came in garbage time, but he has a pretty nice schedule coming up with the eagles and giant, and Detroit twice

M plannin to offer a rob and Lindsay for josh Jacobs

Rb: Fournette, Edmonds, Coleman

Wr: Julio, Kennan, g Tate, j brown.

Note that I have qb and te on bye on week 10 so WILL have to drop at least one of my players, or maybe 2, in week 10 for a qb and te so trying to capitalize on it instead of dropping it to waivers.


Considering you have both Julio and Keenan, this trade works for you if you can pull it off

U don’t think it’ll be accepted? What else would you suggest to get Jacobs?