TY & Dion Lewis for Kareem Hunt or Joe Mixon

Hey everyone!

I want to get people’s opinion on the following two trades:

  1. TY and Dion Lewis for Kareem Hunt
  2. TY and Dion Leis for Joe Mixon

It’s a 12 man non-ppr league

I want to know if any of these trades make sense, and if they do, which one? The first, second, or both?


I’m assuming you’re trying to get either Hunt or Mixon?

I think it’s probably too early for the other owner(s) to trade their RB1s for TY and Dion Lewis. If you’re later in the season & they’re desperate for a high upside WR then I can see it. But right now, I can’t see someone being that low on a RB they drafted within the top 3 rounds. I don’t think these trades make sense for the owner giving up the 1 RB. If it’s week 6-7 and they’re falling out of the playoff hunt, sure.