TY for an RB?

Thoughts on trading TY for Coleman or Mack? Possibly Connor. Standard League

My team currently is:

RB: Bell, Michel, Brieda, Sanders, Jamaal Williams

WR: TY, Godwin, Michael Thomas, Stills, DJax, Robby Anderson

I much prefer Hilton ROS.

What are your starting lineup requirements?

2 RB
2 WR
2 Flex

I prefer Bell, Michell, Godwin, Thomas, Hilton ROS to Bell, Michell, Godwin, Thomas, Coleman/Mack.

This may be a minority opinion.

thoughts on TY for Carson?

Don’t think you are getting any of those guys straight up unless the other team needs a WR bad. Might have to package someone to get those guys, especially since Coleman and Conner have been so good lately.