TY for Ingram in PPR?

I’m desperate at RB and have depth at WR. I’m 1-3 and need to make a move.

No no no no no no no, did I say no yet? Ingram is not the kind of rb help you need and Hilton could become a WR1 all over again in 2-3 weeks when Luck comes back.

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I’d try and trade away Reed for a RB. No need to carry two TEs. Love Reed but he just can’t stay on the pitch.

I agree with you completely but I gotta get some wins going. Desperate times and all…

Any thoughts on a fair target for Reed? What about someone like Kamara or Abdullah?

You could try and trade away 1 of your elite WR for an elite RB. Try & move Jordy or Diggs for a Hunt or other top talent. Even maybe add Reed to the deal to score Bell or Hunt.

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Thoughts on Diggs + Lynch for Zeke?

If the owner believes in Reed’s talent then they may go for it. Would be a good trade for you.