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TY Hilton for Golden Tate?


Would you acquire Hilton for Tate even with the Luck news that just came out? His schedule scares me but he’s clearly the better player. What do you think?


They are about equal considering the Luck news. Tate has been under preforming and Hilton has been doing better than I could hope. I have Hilton in 2/3rds of my leagues. I’m holding for another big game then moving him.

*As a Colts fan I’ve been saying since the preseason Luck will not be back till November. They have always mismanaged his injuries and I don’t see a winning record by the time he could play. which in my mind is after the bye so first game would be 11/26. At that point they will probably just sit him for the rest of the season.


I’m starting to believe this way as well. I’ve got Luck on my IR and traded for TY hoping for that stack. Trying to move them now while the Luck speculation runs wild.