TY Hilton for Larry Fitz and Kupp/Cooper?

I was offered this trade today. I would give up TY Hilton in return for Larry Fitzgerald and Cooper Kupp or Amari Cooper. Our league is .5 PPR. Let me know what I should do!

My receivers:

  • TY Hilton, Demaryius Thomas, Devin Funchess, Quincy Enunwa

I think I’d rather have TY

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Sorry is it larry + Cooper Kupp or Larry + Amari Cooper?

If it’s the latter, I’m taking that assuming you need WR depth. Although I would prefer Cooper Kupp + Amari Cooper.

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Honestly, I just thought he would rather have Fitz and one of the two. You think I should counter offer it with just Kupp and Cooper for TY?

Oh you’re giving that up to get TY?

Do you have enough depth to give up 2 starting WRs like that? Value wise, I prefer the cooper + side tbh.