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Ty hilton help asap


I’m being offered TY Hilton for funchess or Sanu, my other WR are Dez, Crabtree, And Lee. Should I do it or is it too risky?


Its pretty risky, TY is getting a lot of trade rumors, but the owners don’t seem as if they want to move him. If I were going to trade him for one of the two I would want Sanu. That playoff schedule is solid.


I was actually the one that would be getting TY. But now he’s offering me Funchess for Parker. Should I do that?


I would not do that one. I feel like Parker will be a good asset once J Cutler is back


I would be getting parker*


I would do that one


Sweet! Just don’t trust cam so I traded funchess for Parker, even or did I get a little upside?


I feel like youre getting the better end of that deal. I don’t feel like funchess is all that great. Parker on the other hand has a higher ceiling IMO.


Great! Thank you much! hopefully this helps with my WR struggles and I skip another bye week!