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TY Hilton is on my waiver wire?


He’s there, but idk who to drop.

WRs: Green, Crabtree, Allen, Shepard, Funchess, Hogan
RBs: Kamara, Mixon, Peterson, Morris, Drake, Lewis


You may be better off letting someone else take him…


if you really want to pick him up and drop someone i would say hogan or Lewis

help with mine please


No one you cant sacrafice a RB for another WR, and all of your WRs are better or as good.


I agree. Your team is solid rn don’t take the black hole onto your team.


Thanks for the advice guys! Does it matter that I’m 4-6 and need 3 straight wins to have a shot at the playoffs?


I would try and package Allen who has a good playoff schedule and maybe Mixon, Peterson, or Morris(to the Zeke Owner) to upgrade to a solid RB2. You will still have good WRs and have a more shored up RB spot