Ty Hilton or Doug Baldwin

TY has luck coming back, however the question is that is luck gonna be the same? And I know Baldwin still has Wilson but with the defense splitting up, and the o line not very good still, and still no clear running game in Seattle, do I keep faith in Baldwin?

I’m all in on Hilton. If Luck gets injured than he gets injured. But if he’s healthy, even at 80% of what he was before, Hilton is a WR1 with top 5 ceiling.

I have zero faith in Shittinheimers offense. Also, this Baldwin injury has me worried.

Pretty similar situations with neither having much competition at WR, questionable DEF and running games and good QBs.

I would lean TY just for upside purposes, especially with Luck.

Indi has a shit D fense a bad O line and no running game as well.

I like Baldwin for his consistency. Plus the last time he played on a team without Jimmy Graham he had 14 TDs.

No sure if Luck with have the same success with the long ball he did pre injury.

You’re equating last year’s Indy to this year. They just added Nelson who is honestly one of the best Oline prospects I’ve ever seen. He is an absolute stud and totally changes that offensive line. Not saying they’re going to be a league leading or anything, but they are nowhere near where they were last year. Another reason why they had no run game last year is because they had Brisset at QB. With Luck at QB, defenses have to adjust, I’m actually a believer in Indy run game this year for those 2 facts alone. PFF also has Colts O line ranked as 17th in the league. Not great but basically average. Also you act like Seattle has a good Oline. They are literally one of the worst olines in the league. Ranked 30th by PFF so not sure you’re argument there works for you. They also have no run game.

Second of all, having a bad defense is better for receivers cause it means they will be coming from behind and have to pass more. I think this is true for both seattle and colts although I believe in Colts coaching staff much more than seattle. Shittinheimer is straight trash as an OC and has done absolutely nothing his entire career to prove he is even semi competent.

Also Jimmy Graham’s vacated targets don’t really do much to boost Baldwins value. He’s never been a huge red zone threat.

I’d take Hilton. All reports on Luck have been positive. Now Baldwin has an injury.

TY Hilton led the league in receiving yards in 2016. At the moment, Luck’s trending up while Baldwin is trending down.

not worried about the baldwin injury just yet. its on my radar, but it hasnt effected how i see him yet. HOWEVER, with luck, hilton has been a straight up force at times. baldwin is just now coming into his own, where hilton has been at the top hitting 1000 yard seasons like its easy for 4 years, and almost hit 1000 without luck. there is risk to both players. but hilton has more upside, and hopefully a healthy and better protected luck. the only question that might change this, is does douggie get the redzone looks that are left by graham? the TDs could easily change this since they are both average on TDs by a year to year basis. ill just take the comfort of TY and knowing he is good for 70-80 receptions, and over 1000.