TY Hilton or Golladay ROS?

Kenny G or TY rest of season? I think TY but Kenny G freakin killing it…also like to keep in mind playoff schedule

What makes this difficult is Hilton’s health. If Hilton was supposed to play this week I would easily go HIlton as Luck is pushing the ball downfield more, and they need hilton badly in that passing game. But Hilton is still week to week. I think if I need a starter now I go Golladay, if I can wait I go Hilton.


Never thought I’d say it but give me Golladay. Both offenses are pass happy but Golladay is healthy. Hilton could miss next week too and I like what I’ve seen from Golladay

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I agree but what about rest of season?

So you would prefer Kenny G over Hilton rest of season?

That’s what I am saying. What you want ROS can depend on what you need now sometimes. If you are asking who will score the most raw point, I guess maybe Golladay, who gives you the best chance to win your league depends on what you need now.

What I like about Golladay is that there are 2 other threats on the field that the DST needs to worry about which can create some mismatches. This is great, especially on a pass happy team that can sustain production for 3 WRs.

Give me Hilton ROS all day. I’m trying to buy low on Hilton right now. After seeing what luck did the last 2 weeks, it gave me confidence that Hilton can be a WR1 ROS. That team can only throw, they have no run game to speak of and Luck looks like the Luck of old. Dropping dimes everywhere on the field.

I love Golladay. I have him in like 80% of my dynasty leagues but end of the day, that’s a 3 headed monster in detroit. ANd stafford isn’t throwing nearly as much as Luck. Just comes down to opportunity to me.

And Hilton has shown before what his ceiling is.

Trade lynch for Hilton?