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TY Hilton or Rishard Matthews


Hilton is projected to score less this week, but I have a feeling he will have more opportunities.

What are your thoughts?


If Mariota plays, I would play Matthews. Otherwise I would play TY. Luckily they play in the same game so you can decide right up until game time.


Would go with Hilton in this matchup. Hilton’s floor isn’t any lower, and has better potential upside.


I would play Hilton for sure. His explosive play potential is just too damn high. It’s hard to bet against him. If you need a safer floor, I’d play Matthews. However, if you have any wiggle room, put your money on Hilton. Good luck!


Appreciate the feedback. I agree, I like the matchup against the Tennessee secondary on top of TY’s capability to make the most of opportunities. good luck to you and all of the foot!