Ty Hiton for Njoku and Carson

Hey all,

I was just offered a trade where I receive TY Hilton and V Davis for Chris Carson and Njoku.

I already have Ertz and Carson is a 3 string RB for me. My WRs are Boyd, Diggs, Mike Williams.

Should I do this trade?

Do you have any other TE or which TE is on the waiver?

I have Ertz, other than that 16 man league pretty dry on the waiver wire for Te

Then I’d personally take the trade.

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It’s a fair trade, but Hilton is about to go on bye week 9 and Carson is probably looking at a big game against Detroit. Any chance your trade partner has ulterior motives? This trade is probably still on the table a week from now.

He is weak at RB, he just lost Lynch and needs help at TE as well. He also has cooks at WR. I may wait the trade out for the weekend hoping it lets it stand and see how Carson does.