Ty Johnson FAAB

How much do you spend on Ty on a $100 budget? I need wins and am in bye week hell. Zeke and Lamar on bye.

I would only bid 5% unless you are the Kerryon owner. Back yourself up with Mark Walton if available. You can probably land Walton for a minimum bid, and his workload is growing by the week. Solid near term and better long term.

If you need him this week then you need to pay up. Kerryon owners will be fighting for him too.

In my matchup this week, I am facing the Kerryon owner and got some byes. I’ve put up $32 and would expect any starting RB on waivers to be 25-35% this late into the season. Great matchup against the Giants who just let Chase Edmunds get 3 TDs.

The guy above me said 5% and I don’t think there’s a chance you get him at that price.

Edit: Also this is all contingent on Kerryon’s status.

Kerryon has been recently confirmed out as a Kerryon owner I burned waiver priority 1 on TY. If your in any situation where he is needed I agree with the above statement spend high. I’d consider upwards of 45 faab

Yeah I figured 5 was waaaaay too low. I initially put 35 on Ty in the hope he’s a 1 to 2 week starter.

Sounds like he’ll be a ROS starter with Kerryon to IR. I’m looking at $40+ to try and secure a starting WR.

Yeah putting up the rest of my FAAB. $56.

Though I’m positive the Kerryon Owner will go higher. Worth the shot though.

Johnson owner here and that hurts, considering I have 49 fab left

I’m also in desperation mode so trying to buy some wins now.