Ty Johnson - PLEASE HELP

I just lost Kerryon until best case week 16…
I have 55 (!) FAAB left…

Do I go all in on ty Johnson?

Please help me footclan

My RB: Carson, Montgomery, Singletary (Lol)

Im practically in the same boat…RB’s are Fournette and Carson (Mixon also but he practically doesn’t even count anymore). I was going with 30-35 but was thinking I need to up it.

What does the Clan think?

Yeah, behind Carson, you have nothing.

I really think it depends Case by case, but with Carson and Fournette I think you are still very solid at RB, so I think in that 20-30 range seems reasonable for you…

Im feeling a bit desperate because I can’t rely on Montgomery or Singletary (yet) as my RB2… but st the same time I don’t know anything about att Johnson and whether he will even be worth blowing my budget on lol

So I gotta go all in… RIP

What do you know about ty Johnson as a runner? All I need is to blow my budget only for the lions to sign another back tomorrow lol

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Det fan here Ty looks dynamic but a little undersized. I think its going to be a bigger split with our other back JD but im trying to get him as hard as I can still. He’s elusive and quick my only concern is can he handle the full starting role but the giants arent great so it might be a nice “warm up” week. Idk if that instills any more or less faith for you

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Do you think he will be used at all in the passing game

yeah probably a little I think they look at jd as the pass catcher but that doesnt mean their opposed to the check down if ty is in for the play. Stafford loves his terrible check downs…

and terrible as a fan of the team not as a bad thing for the rb fantasy fandom

Dropping 25+ fabb on a guy is hard to do if they are potentially looking at signing Drake. I lost kerryon and not sure if want to spend big on Ty if that would be the case.

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Are they looking to trade for drake?

Drake’s on the block. Trade deadline is in 7 days. They need somebody else in there. Maybe they bring back CJ Anderson?

This would be horrible… I’m looking to spend 35 FAAB for Ty right now

I’m in the same boat, but I’m thinking about pulling out on the ty Johnson race…don’t have enough confidence that a trade doesn’t go down

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If I had another back like Mack or someone then I’d probably move away from Ty also… but right now all I’ve got left on my bench are Montgomery and Singletary; very very thin

I’ve dropped 50 Faab on Ty as a Kerryon owner who is dropping him I felt I needed the replacement and further more based of his 2 quarter performance against the Vikings I saw a lot of strong potential. It really breaks down to what your willing to risk and I’m personally not willing to risk losing out on a running back in general because I was a little nervous or out bid

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what does the rest of your team look like? I mean, if you are stacked at WR, you might could trade somebody who needs a bye replacement or is just lacking for WR and get at least a decent RB… if you wanted to save some FAAB that is…

I am also a Kerryon owner. My other RBs are Dalvin Cook, Singletary, and Sanders. I’m also 2-5 and need a win this week, and that’s the reason I need to go in on Ty. If I had a winning record, I may wait and hope they trade for someone. I could see them re-signing Anderson before trading for Drake, although that is based on nothing but my thinking

Hopkins, A.Robinson, G.Tate, Crowder, Kirk, Shepherd

I’m at 3-4 needing to win… I honestly feel my next move might be to trade Hopkins for Mack and a WR like Hilton or Cooks

My only fear with all this is that Kerryon is a better runner than Ty, yet Kerryon was only putting up OK fantasy numbers… I think it’s in the realm of possibilities that Detroit decides to just throw more to Marvin Jones and Golladay and abandoning the run

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