TY Johnson Trade Value

What do you think I could get in return for Ty Johnson? Would buying JuJu be a good idea?

I’d rather hold Ty and see what he does than get juju

Here’s my roster in case that changes things. 2 Flex league

RB: Chubb Carson Coleman Edmonds sanders
WR: Adams Woods Samuel AJ Green AJ Brown

Assuming 2 RBs 2 WRs and then 2 flex. You’re starting Samuel and woods at WR and 4 RBs. I like the RB touches better than maybe 6 receptions from a guy like juju. I think you need to shoot higher but not sure what you’ll get for just Ty. Maybe package with another. I just think trading him for juju to a guy most likely needing RB help could be a steal for the other guy.

I’d keep Ty