Ty Johnson?

How do we feel about him going forward?

He was supposed to be the man, but still played second-fiddle to some unknown Carson impersonator.

Is he still worth rostering, or should he be dropped in favor of Howard, Carson, AP, or Mattison?


I would have picked up Jordan Howard over him in the first place. You know what you are going to get and he’s the goalline back.

I actually had Howard most of the season, but dropped him because of his lack of production (minus Green Bay game) and his tough schedule upcoming. But seeing how he did against BUF, and with Sanders potentially hurt, considering him again.

He’s still got CHI, BYE, NE, and SEA

I mean after the first 2 weeks hes seen 11+ carries in every game. I know sometimes it doesn’t get much but at least you know what to expect. With guys like Ty Johnson you have no idea what role they are going to have. We still don’t after a week, but it doesn’t look like someone you can expect to get 10+ carries each week.

Seattle Vs. RB’s: Numbers a little skewed because the Baltimore game the running backs didn’t do a ton but Lamar had over 100 yards and a TD on the ground

Chicago vs RB’s

Wouldn’t be very afraid of playing my RB’s against either.

Exactly, that’s why I’m thinking of dropping him. I likely won’t be starting Howard much (have Saquon, Montgomery, Hyde, DJ) but he’s worth having I think, especially for the later season (MIA, NYG, WAS), or as trade bait for a needy team

oh wow, didn’t notice they weren’t that great against the run, thanks!

Yeah i just dropped Howard on saturday to pick up Drew Brees. My opponent needed a QB, so i hung on to Josh Allen playing keepaway, but now i immediately regret not dropping Ty Johnson instead. This week I’ll probably drop Josh Allen and hold onto Ty Johnson, but only because i only have 4 RB right now (albeit 3 good ones in Saquon, Aaron Jones, & Chris Carson).

Might drop Ty Johnson for Mattison who i’ve had on my bench most of the year.