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Ty Montgomery or Terrance west?


I’ve been trying to decide if I’d rather have either west or Monty on my team. West is clear cut the 1-2 back with wood head taking on the passing role. I’m not convinced that ty will be great. Thoughts?


Are you just trying to decide straight up between those two? Because their draft cost is considerably different. Ty is currently going in the 3rd round and I am all out on him anywhere close to there. West is going in the 7th and that seems much more palatable. So to me West’s value is much better, but I’m not sure if that’s your question.


im in the same boat. i see why people would be excited for ty… until they drafted 1 billion RBs. i mean he was looking at a solo gig, with plenty of receptions too boot. now, he might lose his job by week 1. i dont think he will, but its possible. either way, i think i would rather have west on my team. which as kaiser pointed out, is really good because he is in the 7th, compaired to tys 3rd. heeellllll yes.


Yea so this guy who wants to trade with me, the rbs he’s offered up on the trade block is west and ty. I think west would be easier to get but ty has the more upside theoretically?


There is no question that Ty has a higher upside, he is in a far more prolific offence and so if he actually was THE guy there he would be great. Some people are betting on that and that’s why he’s going in the third round.

But to me, I just don’t see it. Ty became Green Bay’s “rb” by default, with his only competition being bums like Donald Jackson. I say “rb” because they rarely really gave him many carries, he was more a 7 carry, 4 reception kind of guy. Now I think GB did well with abandoning the run, and they would probably be smart to stick with that strategy, but they are too old school to do anything that revolutionary. The Packers will have a run game this season, and I just don’t think when it comes to actually running the ball Ty can compete with a real running back like Jamal Williams.

Cliff note version is: yeah Montgomery has higher upside but also very high risk and a very high price tag. I would rather trade for the cheaper West if I were you.


Thanks a lot for the help, I appreciate it!


West… I don’t think ty is reliable at alll


Monty hands down. Especially in a half/full PPR. WAY WAY WAY more upside. Much more productive offense. More TD opportunity. I think he has a pretty solid lock on the starting job and expect they will line him up in the slot plenty too. I think easily 40+ receptions are coming his way and about 15 touches a game. I’m also not completely sold that West won’t lose more carries than expected to Woodhead. Taliaferro and Buck Allen are still around if West struggles.


I will point out that the Ballers have Montgomery only 4 spots higher than West, but in the same tier in the UDK. So I don’t think you will go wrong with either guy. But I prefer Ty. :+1:


I drafted West in the 15th round of my home league, which is outstanding because his value there is practically free. In a normal draft where he would go in rounds 7-10, I would rather have West just because of the risk factor with Ty Mont. I just couldn’t imagine drafting him in the 3rd or 4th round. You are basically drafting him at his ceiling there. Green Bay lost some key pieces on that Offensive line this year and I just don’t see them being able to run the ball against most of the league.