Ty Montgomery rest of season outlook?

Is he worth shopping or should I keep him… Im a bit worried that hes a high end RB2 at best now rest of season and not the RB 1 I drafted him as…

Ugh you and I are in the same boat. The approach I have taken is shop him but only for a ridiculous return. For example I have the following trades out:

Ty Mont and Adam Thielen for: Mccoy / Gurley / Hunt (any of those).

If they don’t accept (which they wont) I hold onto a guy that can still have a good season. If they do accept, I lose my potential #1 RB but get an upgrade for sure. I most def am not shopping him for a 50/50 trade.

I’m in the same position. I drafted him as a low end RB1 to compliment Ajayi and now I’m in a position of having no idea if I should start him? or just flat out trade him?!