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Ty Montgomery Value


What is Ty Montgomery’s value for the rest of the season? Is he a good target to buy low on? He was killing it pre injury, but last night his backup played pretty well. Should I target him? Or just let him pass by…


Yea I am also interested but I don’t know how the situation with the backup will play out… the kid looked really good yesterday


This is a very good question, one of the best ones I have seen this morning.
I also am interested in his value, and I feel it definetly took a hit this week.
His backup looked really good, Really Good, I don’t think that Montgomery is all of a sudden out of the job.
He will still be the starter but I feel he just lost 5-8 touches a game to this kid.
Will now be on the RB1/2 border in PPR.
Just my thoughts


That’s where I’m at with it. I have a trade on the table of me offering Kamara and Baldwin for Montgomery and I’m going back and forth about making it. Those are bench players for me at this point, so it would essentially hurt my depth to improve my starters but I don’t know if Monty will return to form with aaron jones running the way he did especially since he was a converted WR into an RB


What are your thoughts on his value for standard scoring?


If you could make that deal I would do that trade but honestly I do not think he will accept it.
Standard scoring Montgomery isn’t that much of a runner. I don’t do any standard leagues so I am not the best to answer that.
Keep in mind always be the 1 guy in a 2 for 1 trade. You get best player and a free waiver pickup!


yea very hard question to make on what we know… To what I know TY was a WR at Stanford and converted to RB with the packers, this might be extream but it’s possible that the packers move TY back to WR/RB and keep the kid at RB. That could be good or bad lol as I am typing this I am confusing myself more and more. I am sure that the fantasy footballers will talk about this on the podcast this week I would just stay tuned.


Im nervous to pull the trigger on the trade as it could really sink my team if monty doesnt get the workload he was getting pre injury. He’s also not a marquee RB like Murray, so his job security isnt necessarily guaranteed when he comes back. But then there is the side of me that thinks he could just come back and continue to go off in an extremely high powered offense


@Swingshot64 @LuccasG @7milestyle when you guys say value you actually pay for these players i use nfl.com i dont pay please fill me in im interested


Value is trade value. I don’t know if you follow the stock market at all but it works like a stock does. The value of the stock if it goes up is higher than if it goes down. Players who do well their value increases while players if they do bad or get hurt the value drops. Value is for trades like trading Tyrell Pryor for Amari Cooper wasn’t possible at the beginning of the year but now is a fair trade cause cooper is playing bad.


Took advantage of the opportunity - traded hurns and Lynch for ty Monty in a 10 man .5 ppr

Good value?


I think you won that trade. Lynch has flat out not looked good and burns can be easily replaced. Montgomery production pre injury was top 5 RB stuff. That’s where I’m at currently and having a hard time deciding to take the trade or not. It would be me trading Kamara and Baldwin for Ty Mont standard scoring 10 team league


Ty Montgomery was flat out dropped in one of my leagues. I broke my FAAB bank and added him to my team. Hoping to be able to flip him for WR help…


That’s tough because I like Baldwin and kamara is a fun mystery. That trade could go either way, is there a less up side player you can pair with kamara?


What I just tried to do was cancel the intia trade request and make it Baldwin and Kamara for ty mont and alshon Jeffery. I think Jeffery is a huge bounce back for the second half of the season. I would be willing to do that. The only other players besides Baldwin would be mike Gillislee or Davante Adams and Adams is the real deal this year and Gillislee is a nice flex play every so often


Do you think ty mont returns to form or is this a lottery ticket? Lol


I believe he comes back and tears it up


Jones has looked really good running the ball, which worries me about Monty because he made the most noise catching the ball out of the backfield. With Aaron at QB I would take Monty but with the rookie I think it hurts him.