TY or Moore? PPR

With TY active today despite missing all practices this last week and that it’s his ankle that’s been the issue, do I still play him?

I have already played Tyreek on Thursday and disappointed by a somewhat injured player trying to play through.

My Lineup:
QB Watson 22.4
RB Michel @ PIT
RB Elliott @ IND
WR Hill 8.1
WR Smith-Schuster v NE
TE Ertz @ LAR
Flex Hilton v DAL/Moore v NO
K Zuerlein v PHI

So do I go
TY v DAL or Moore v NO? PPR

Also, do I go
Michel @ PIT
Dixon v TB
Howard v GB
Richard @ CIN
Hines v DAL
Blount @ BUF
Adams @ LAR


Bumping for feedback

TY had the same issues last week and put up 199 yards… Also when he was hurt earlier this season he only played the red zone snaps and got lots of looks there too… Moore has a injured QB trying to throw him the ball… I would go with TY all week if it was my team

Completely different issue from last week. Last week was the shoulder and he practiced on Friday. This week is the ankle and he didn’t practice once.