Ty’Son or Diontae?

I feel like Diontae is the safe option but Williams is in a golden opportunity on Monday night. Who would you go with in the flex?

If it’s full point PPR I’d go Dionte and not think twice. You know what you are getting.

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Personally I’d rather see it from Ty’son before I’d feel any level of comfort starting him.

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Same - Diontae is the play until you can see if you struck gold with Ty’Son

Diontae. Rothlesbierger gets the ball out quick

The dumpster fire that is the Ravens’ backfield draws in another moth…

Diontae. Ty’son could be good, but he might have a dud too. Who knows how he’s going to be used. We know Diontae is going to get a ton of targets (he just has to hold on to them).