Ty’Son Williams Trade?

Just got offered Swift for Ty’son Williams by the Gus Edwards manager in my league. 10 team half ppr. Any advice?

Take Swift all day. That is looking like a RBBC right now. Williams will most likely be 1A but I still take Swift over Williams all day. Since Lamar has been the QB no RB on the Ravens has had more than 4 targets in a game. Enjoy the quick over reaction by the Gus Edwards manager and take it.

I’ve just seen a sleeper note that Freeman is signing now too. Take Swift like @Taranis said. You know what you have then and there is less doubt.

I’m currently trying to figure out how much to spend on faab tomorrow. I considered spending 90%… my current RB2 is Trey Sermon… With the news about Freeman and the backfield becoming even more murky I’m sure it’s going to be a situation that isn’t fun to be figuring out.

Do you worry about RBBC tho in Detroit? Especially with Swift coming off injury, I’m a bit nervous he might not even be 1A.

Absolutely I am worried about Swift as well in a RBBC. At that point I look at who is more talented (Swift) and who has more potential for some catches in your half ppr (Swift). So for me I like Swift a lot more.

If anything, I think the Freeman signing may make things a bit more clear. If it was Murray for example, I’d be terrified of a 50/50 timeshare. But now it seems they’re leaning into Williams as the 1A, right?

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Definitely a solid take. May try to find a way to get Sermon involved in the deal if possible too. Thanks for the advice!

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I hope Ty’son does well but in a situation like this I’ll take the proven track record. Give me swift.

You might be right. I guess when you look at it he’s been there the whole of the pre-season and surely to start the season then they will go with Williams.

Freeman & Bell as the other options probably does make it a little clearer. Neither were very good last year and that makes me question what they can really offer this year. Maybe Freeman could get some goaline work? But that’s probably going to be Lamar.

There’s still going to be TD’s and carries to be had. It’s unlikely that Freeman or Bell will steal all of it so I’m guessing Williams will at least be playable most weeks unless he turns out to be awful.

With Swift you know what you are getting. He’s the number 1; Jamaal Williams could be a nice complement and he did well in Greenbay… but Swift is the 1. So I’m a little more comfortable with that.

You’re worried about trading the third string Ravens RB for a lead RB who might be in a committee?



I mean to be fair that lead back plays in Detroit lol

To be fair, the top two teams in targeting their RBs last year were the Saints and the Chargers.

The assistant head coach for the Saints is now the head coach of the Lions.

The head coach for the Chargers is now the offensive coordinator of the Lions.

The Lions’ starting WRs are Tyrell Williams and Kalif Raymond.

Are we green?