Tyler Boyd or Chris Conley

I’m the Hill owner. I’m starting Hill but the possibility of him being just a decoy is frustrating me. Considering how many other Chiefs are out, it makes sense to me that Conley would at least be the second option after Kelce (who the Chargers shut down annually).

Boyd has the talent and volume but the match-up isn’t ideal and his QB is sub-par.

Rest of Line-Up:

My Opponent’s Line-Up:

I think you should for sure be playing Tyreek Hill, he has been too good. I don’t really have that much interest in playing Conley, especially already having Mahomes and Hill. Boyd has nice floor.

That’s the exact line of thinking I’ve had this whole week, but I can’t shane this gut feeling… Hill’s injury is potentially affecting up to two spots in my line-up. Boyd has been solid but ever since Dalton and Green got hurt… he’s been meh.

Looking at my opponent, would you say I need safety and guaranteed points? Or do I need to swing for the fences?

I would also go with Boyd, due to the low floor.

I would say your lineup looks better than your opponents IMO so I’d go with the safety of Boyd.

Either way, good luck!

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You never know what can happen in fantasy, but I’m not overly scared of your opponents lineup at first glance. I would take the safety of Boyd. But I also think you should trust you gut, because if you don’t and you lose it sucks.

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Thanks guys! And best on your playoff endeavors as well.