Tyler Eifert on waiver wire

some one in my league dropped tyler eifert and i have rob gronk but I’m scared about his health. i have the ravens and patriots defense. I also have tarik cohen and buck allen as my backup rbs. Do you think I should drop one and which one to pick him up in a full per league?

I also have Gronk. If Eifert was dropped in my league, I’d pick him up as a backup for sure.

In your case, I’d either drop Buck Allen or the Patriots D. You don’t have some marginal WRs you can drop though?

my backups are sammy watkins and adam theilen. they are both pretty dang good so I’m i don’t think i want to drop either. between buck allen and the patriots D, which one is the better drop? cuz patriots have a great next three games, but with hightower out, I’m don’t know how much i trust them. On the other hand, when terrance west comes back, buck allen might end up becoming irrelevant.

In your situation I’d try to do a 2-1 trade with someone in your league. Watkins just had a huge game so use that value, add in Buck Allen, and see if you can get a top tier player out of it.

That would give you your extra slot for Eifert.

If you choose to drop one of the two instead, I’d drop the Patriots D.

thanks!! what kind of top tier player do you think I could get?

I’d have to know who your starters are.

carr, antonio brown, kelvin benjamin, golden tate, ezekiel elliot, ty montgomery, rob gronkowski, will lutz, ravens D, my back up qb is cam newton.

Aim for a WR1 that has been underperforming. Someone like AJ Green.

You would upgrade your starter WR position by giving away two bench players.

Thank you!!!