Tyler Eifert

Stash or drop? TE so hard to come by… looking into getting Watson on the waiver

Im in the same position… If you have a IR spot or room on your bench I would stash him. He could have a great last 6 weeks…

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Yeah I was thinking about stashing him in case, just wanted another opinion. I thought having Martellus Bennett would of helped me in case eiferet got hurt too but no go lol

I’m dropping for now. Luck in IR spot. Going to try and stash him back befor he plays.

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I dropped him, but i just acquired gronk.


You lucky bastard!

Yeah i have in my IR since i have a spot. I figured once hes “healthy” enough he might make a comeback later in the year. Unless he just full blown breaks in half hes worth the stash.

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That’s what I’m thinking. Unless he has full on surgery again Ima stash.

Thanks for the help clansmen! :metal:

Ughh…i am sure you saw that he was moved out of IR and now just out. I had to drop him at this point.

Oh damn no I hadn’t seen anything yet. Still says doubtful on yahoo for multiple weeks but no surgery…yet lol :confused: