Tyler locket trade value

Hey guys…currently sitting in first place and I feel like it has a lot to deal with Tyler locket, but I’m also aware of what to be prepared for which is potential 10 points or less games and several of them. So I’m thinking of selling high. I’m thinking terry mc Lauren, ceedee lamb, Justin Jefferson, Keenan Allen or maybe there is someone else that I can’t think of. Just wanted some opinions. Btw it’s a 0.5 ppr league. Thanks for the help

If you can get those guys my opinion would be to trade him. It’s a risk that he’s maybe not so boom bust but I think once seattle gets run game going he will come back to earth. Add to that dk will eventually get his weeks. In my opinion he probably won’t maintain his start.

My preference would be Jefferson, Allen, Mclaurin, Lamb in order. But I wouldn’t be upset at all at whichever if a deal doable

Thanks…would you do Lockett for Barkley or is that too risky

I personally would. I can’t speak for the rest of the community here but in my this is a great trade for you. Saquon is definitely a risk but if he hits he crushes it.