TyMont for Baldwin

I got offered Baldwin for TyMont straight up…
My RBs are: Hunt, Howard, Ty Mont, Martin, Henry.
WRs: Jordy, DT (fucked me good this week), Pryor, Snead, then I have a rotational spot that was Marshall…

Any opinions?

No no no no no no no no no… no don’t do this. You will absolutely regret it

It’s a tough time to be selling on Monty… If he were 100% healthy I’d say keep him over Baldwin because I think he’s a better player and sees more opportunities. Baldwin is good but can go into slumps for weeks at a time. I would stick with Monty if I were you, or look to trade Howard or Henry for a better WR than Baldwin, since you do have a lot of depth at RB.

Yeah if he were healthy and there was a lot more clarity on the situation I wouldn’t even consider it… when he offered I asked about Allen rather than Baldwin and he wasn’t willing to budge there… the other factor is that 3 of my 4 WRs are on bye and this is an important week… I play the guy in tied with for first in my division.