Tyreek and Fuller for Hopkins?

Standard scoring. Would rather have Hopkins’ volume vs Fuller’s. Thoughts?

My WRs: Evans, Hill, Fuller, Demaryius, Shepard

Evans, Hopkins, and DT. Now that’s a stack. If it was me, I’d take Hopkins. Fuller is very TD dependant. Hill is a deep threat guy and play maker with his ridiculous speed but not to consistent as far as points go. Hopkins is just an all around work horse. Especially in standard. teams with Hopkins have given me most of L’s. If you’re good at RB too i’d do the trade.

Word on Watson he broke might have tore his ACL. I wouldn’t target any Houston player if so.

nope not now that Watson done for with torn acl.

Right after I post that I get notified from the NFL app that Watson just tore his ACL. Hault on that trade. Crazy.

Essentially all of Houston goes down, but I think fuller will be worthless. Hopkins will always have value. But I wouldn’t get rid of Hill

Dang what a day. I had Watson in another league, luckily I have Dak too, but Watson was sure fun to watch.