Tyreek and Lindsay for Kareem?

Unsure if I should take as it would make RB core great but seriously thin WR delpth.
Currently Own:
RB - Kamara, Lindsay, Kerryon, Clement, Yeldon
WR - Adams, Tyreek, John Brown, Watkins, Cobb

What’s the scoring format? Also are there any other WR options on the wire right now?

I see the concern but starting RBs of Kamara, Hunt with Kerryon in the flex and Adams at WR is a really solid 4. Who do you have at TE as well out of interest?

It’s 0.5 PPR. Goodwin is only real solid waiver target rn. Evan Engram is my TE. He has Ebron and Jared Cook so I was gonna talk to him about maybe throwing one of them in.

Okay that’s not bad, Engram is still a hold but yeah i want to get some insurance incase he becomes too unreliable to start. Jack Doyle is maybe back this week and the Colts are on bye next week so i would be wary of Ebron, Cook as gross as it sounds may be the better get here. Past the bye and if you could get him thrown in with Hunt for Tyreek and Lindsey i would do that.

Goodwin and the 49ers are bad i know but with your core players and depending on the matchup you could throw him in for the upside. He only needs one play after all. Failing that Brown, Cobb will do an okay job as a number 2 until something better comes along.

You’d be really strong at RB1, RB2, WR1 and Flex each week and hopefully have a TE1 each week as well which will put you in a good position.

My thoughts are pretty similar. Gonna push for Cook especially with Amari Cooper gone and just focus on that WR2 slot each week. Think I’m gonna go through with it though

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Yeah Cook should be getting peppered with targets if nothing else. I mean if he wanted Engram and maybe had a WR flier to i wouldn’t be against a 3 for 3. If he wanted a back up TE that is. Depends on what he says and the rest of his roster but Engram may still have name value and with Cook you don’t need an extra TE

I’m a broken record but I’d do this and just add MVS and I think you are just as well off at wr that way. I don’t trust Tyreek ROS, at least not with any consistency