Tyreek and Montgomery for Mack and Mixon

I don’t really want to lose Montgomery but a trade to get rid of Tyreek and get Mack and Mixon both sounds alright. I may run into the same issues with Mixon being off but Mack could be an asset to my lineup.

Right now I’ve got

Montgomery Sanders Justin Jackson Jordan Howard
Mike Evans Gallup Mecole Hardman Tyreek Beasley McLaurin
Kirk Goff
Vance McDonald and Daren Waller

I like this. I think Mack has more upside than Mopportunity… This is actually helpful for me bc I’m currently trying to peddle away Freaky Tyreeky…

This trade will help your RBs! I think the biggest thing you are giving up is Tyreek week 5ish, but you gotta do what’s best for your team and win now. I need someone to give me the push with Tyreek, so that’s what I’m doing for you :slight_smile:

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Ya the Tyreek thing has me messed up for sure. I was gonna hold onto him and wait it out but who knows what he’s gonna be like when he comes back. When someone asked for him I seriously contemplated it and now here we are.

likewise I am also trying to move Tyreek right now. I would do that trade. I have a feeling even if Tyreek comes back they are going to use him sparingly until the playoffs not avoid risking further injury. And they probably dont really need him much unless someone else gets injured

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