Tyreek for a Draft Pick and Drafting Strategy Advice Needed

Ok Foot Clan, Have a tough scenario here. The question on the table is this:
Tyreek Hill and a 37th overall pick in 4th round for the 7th overall pick of the draft. If you took the deal, You would lose Tyreek Hill.
You would have:
Lamar Jackson (Keeper)
Chris Godwin (Keeper)
Pick #7
Pick #12
Pick #13.
Pick #36
Would you take the deal and how would you draft?

If this is a keeper, the question you need to ask yourself is who could you get at #7? If this is anything like the keeper league I’m in, you might not be able to get a player better than Hill at #7. Keeping Hill, Jackson and Godwin, can still pair really well with a pick at #12. But on the flip side, is there a chance you can get a stud RB at #7 and would you value that stud RB more than Hill?

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My hopes were to snag up a RB1 with that pick. I am having to drop Cook, Connor and Sanders. I am sure the other owners in my league are zero’ d in on past RB1s but I kind of have the new RB from Kansas City in my crosshairs if Cook doesn’t drop back to me. Leaving the 12, and 13 to either or WRs and RBs

Not a bad gamble there. Worse case you have to snag Henry or Mixon with one of your 1st 3 picks.

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I was looking back at the keepers selected by the other 11 teams and it looks like there will be a large amount of RBs available for the first few rounds. The league is a Full PPR league so would it be wise to say take 2 or maybe even 3 RBs with those picks. Cook if he falls, Sanders and Edwards-Helaire? Kamara, Jacobs, Chubb, Mixon, Carson, Gurley and Laird are all just a few names that will be available.

If that many RB’s, then I would say yes to at least get 2 of them, but then again, depending on starting roster positions, since you would have no 4th round pick, you would probably would need to smash RB at the 1.7, then go either RB/WR or RB/Kelce if he falls to the turn. Then could start out pretty good with
RB - Pick #7
RB - Pick #12
WR/Kelce - Pick #13
WR - Pick #36

A start like that would put you among the top at QB, top guys at RB, and if Kelce falls then among the Top at TE as well. Then just smash WR/RB best available for the next several rounds.

100% not taking that deal. Pick 7 is as good as the 3.07 in a league without keepers. Tyreek is a borderline first round pick.