Tyreek for conner and another player?

Ppr Keeper league here. I have Conner and the bell owner has tyreek.

My WRs are:
A. Brown
G. Allison
D. Parker

What Conner + Wr package could net tyreek? Would you try to make this deal happen? My argument is next year he will have bell and Conner as RB1s.

You’re pretty stacked at WR… I like moving Connor for value as I believe Bell will be back this year, but why not try to upgrade your RB when you have 3 very solid WR already?

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Where did you grab Connor in the draft?

I’m in the camp that Le’veon is at the point of no return, that he’s not going to show up until week 10, and at that point I don’t think he’s coming back into his starting role.

I like the idea of keeping him, you’ll have much greater value having him as a RB1 this year and going forward than trading him away and keeping Tyreek next year at his value.

You’re loaded at WR, not sure why you’re trying to dump Connor for Tyreek.

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I got Connor in the 18th round. I didn’t mention we have 2 flex spots allowing for 5 wrs to be started. My other rbs are

R. Freeman
A. Jones