Tyreek for Conner?

RB lite (Freeman/Coleman, Yeldon, JWhite) Bell owner wants my Conner badly. I’ve got Barkley and Gordon (with Ingram on the bench) but my top WRs are Hogan, Thielen, DThomas. Is Tyreek for Conner a fair trade ?

Yes, you win.

I would do that for sure. Hill had a meh game and had 5 90 1.

I would pull the trigger. Hill is looking like he could be a top 5 WR this season. Hes on a team with a QB who can and wants to throw the longball, he has huge boom potential, and I think his floor is probably higher than people think. That KC defense is awful. Their offense is going to be putting points up all season long, either because they have a great offense or because their defense is giving up all kinds of points and they need to throw the ball to stay in the game. I also think teams aren’t going to be able to just concentrate on limiting Hill because Kelce and Sammy Watkins can also provide big plays. If they continue to play better (especially Watkins) I think it can keep things open for Hill.

Much appreciated

If he’ll do it, take that. You easily win this trade. I wouldn’t call it fair but if you can get it then do it.