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Tyreek for Ertz straight up: Y/N?


I have Jimmy G and Doyle at TE as well. Hard to tell if this is really going to help me or not. If Hill Starts having 40 point games again, it certainly will. His Week 12 Bye is annoying though, and I play the guy trading me Hill next week.


I think you have the TE depth to cope here and Hill’s upside is massive! Plus next week the Chiefs play the Rams in what will be a scoring feast for sure. The week 12 bye is a pain for sure but given the TE depth you have i think this is worth it for you


Damn, so hard to ditch Ertz mannnn


I know him and Kelce are the last safe havens in the TE wasteland of today. I know Howard, Kittle, Njoku, Doyle are up and coming but losing that every week option is tough!

That being said i’d look at it like this - 1) Do i have a capable replacement for Ertz? Yes, 2) Which player offers me higher weekly upside/week winning ability? Hill, 3) Which player is ultimately getting me more points ROS in general? Hill and finally Can my roster support a guy like Hill who has boom/bust scoring volatility? i assume yes so adding a week wining type guy is a good fit for your roster in my view


I’m close to pulling the trigger here. Thanks for that input. The week winning ability is the sticking point for me right now. I really can’t lose again or else I’m probably done.

Anybody else have an opinion on this before I likely accept? Thanks in advance.


Scratch that. I’m just gonna stick it out with Ertz. There’s too much weighing on Tyreek in particular for me to make such a major move in a PPR/yardage boost league like this. And I’m hoping Tate opens things up more for Ertz in the red zone, which is the main differentiator between he and Hill right now (TD’s in general, that is). Also, the Eagles badly need to keep winning, while the Chiefs don’t, but also probably will with minimal effort. And WR’s haven’t been huge beneficiaries of the Cardinals crummy defense, probably a lot bc of Patrick Pederson who I assume will line up against Hill almost exclusively. I did face Juju last night, unfortunately, but I think I need to just take my chances with Ertz ROS.


I would click accept so fast on this deal its not even funny. A top 5 WR for a top 3 TE is a no brainer, especially when you have doyle in waiting.


Ugh. You weren’t supposed to make me second guess this after my soliloquy on the matter haha.


Easy accept in my opinion. Especially with having Doyle who is more than a viable replacement.


Normally I’d say no, but you have 2 top 10 TE’s and are significantly improving your WR’s to get a top 5 guy in a high octane offense. Plus with Tate coming in I don’t think it eats too much into Ertz target share, but it is another mouth to feed. I’d take the deal


TBH i didn’t even read your response. I just saw Reek for Ertz and it was an easy answer to me. Even if you didn’t have doyle. Unless you also happen to own AB/Nuk/MT on your team where Reek wouldn’t start as often, there’s no question here for me. As good as ertz is, he’s not going to win you any weeks.


Think I’m going to just take it and cross my fingers during Week 12 that somebody else picks up the slack. Fortunately that opponent has Kelce, as well as Funchess and Olsen who he will likely start (and I have Cam), so the absence of Hill/Ertz week 12 might be somewhat mitigated at least.

Thanks all for the input. I appreciate it.


Crazy how equal the production between these two has been. Tyreek is more fun to watch though


Lol and now he has outscored Tyreek. This week is ridiculous.


That was absurd. Wentz basically went to him on every pass going down the field lol.

I’d still take Reek over Ertz though.

It was def a crazy week. In my dynasty team, i put up 220 points in a single QB league, half ppr with no scoring bonuses lol. Big Ben, Gurley, CMC, Ertz, Mthomas, Kerryon, Corey Davis, Cooper. Def the most i’ve ever scored in a single QB league.


Dude I wish I’d seen this sooner! I would’ve backed you on the choice to stick with Ertz! Not based off of this week (though he made a great case for himself lol). But Doyle, and JG are are nowhere near the Ertz/Kelce class this year.


If you have depth at TE you sort of have to do it but as an Ertz owner in ppr this year I am not even considering trading him. In fact, I picked up Dallas Goedert last week to make sure that position (eagles te) is handcuffed because it has been so valuable this year.


Dude yeah. This is among the highest potential scoring weeks I’ve ever seen for PPR and other boosts format leagues. This team I’m facing is at 229 and still has Kittle tmrw, and the scoring rules aren’t outlandish. A few extra things beyond PPR but not much of a difference. I don’t recall ever seeing a higher score off hand. And yeah your team there def did not disappoint lol man I’m wiped out after all of it


I had 215 this week. My opponent had the potential for 190 but didn’t start Trubisky or Ebron and those were the right calls for him to bench them before the games were played (Mahomes and Olsen started).


I’m content with Tyreek the rest of the way for sure. Esp Bc Watkins has his foot injury and there’s no way Ertz repeats this performance. He def goes off though when Wentz occasionally decides to just play catch with only him for entire drives at a time haha.