Tyreek hill dynasty trade update

Dynasty trade

I lose kerryon Johnson and DJ Moore get tyreek hill.

The GM has just decided he would move golladay for Kerryon Johnson.

RBS are bell, Jones, Johnson, guice, hunt, jacobs and Murray.

WR brown, DJ Moore, Sutton, Davis, Kirk, coutee, MVS, Campbell and Hardman.

What’s everyones thoughts I’m pretty high on both the players I lose and have held them since being a rookie.

I’d take that trade now with Hill being back. Be in win now mode. You’ll have Bell/Jones/Jacobs/Murray at RB with Hunt coming back before playoffs. Then AB,Hill at WR with the other guys as bye week flyers. Lot of potential with some of those young WRs too.

Contract year for Hill. Would you make this trade knowing Hill might not be with Pat Mahomes after this year?

I much prefer Kerryon and Moore. Too much risk with Hill.

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KC has already talked about extending Hill. Just waiting for the dust to settle a bit with him. I imagine mid-season they’ll start talking extension.

There were also trade rumors coming out after the NFL said they weren’t going to suspend Hill. I think he carries to much risk in dynasty, everyone knows he is guilty including the judge in his case, they just dont have enough evidence to prove it right now. If any new evidence comes out the case will be reopened.
I also have KJ and Moore on my dynasty team and wouldn’t make this trade. Personally, I think their value will be much higher after this year.

Hill and his fiancee don’t want to and refuse to talk about it anymore. The only other evidence they can get is if either of them open up and admit anything more, which they’ve both said won’t happen.

They already got Hill’s fiancee to record him talking about what he did once, I’m not convinced that she is just going to let it go that her son is getting the crap kicked out of him. Odds probably are that you’re right but it would give me doubt about him knowing that it could pop back up anytime.

They dropped the case because they child is healthy and safe. They wouldn’t have dropped it if he was “getting the crap kicked out of him” as you say. I’ve noticed that most people are either glad the kid is healthy and Hill is back to football or they’re mad that he didn’t get in any trouble for it and think he should still be punished. I just go with the facts and those right now are that the case is closed and neither side said they want to re-open or talk about it anymore. Plus she’s about to marry a guy who is going to get a huge payday, she should kiss and make up lol.

The kid might be healthy and “safe” now but he still had a broken arm most likely from abuse. If you’ve heard the recording of Hill it’s hard to assume that he’s not guilty and everything is fine. But i do agree with you that money probably had a lot to do with why she isn’t talking anymore haha

GM has changed to wanting Kerryon Johnson for Kenny golladay.

To be honest thats a little closer for me, maybe try to see if you can get something else out of it to hedge the risk of Hill like a 2020 2nd or another young WR