Tyreek hill Dynasty

Would you try and move Tyreek hill if you could…

I am stacked at WR… Thinking about trying to ship him off for a RB which my team needs…

What do you think his value is right now with all the legal stuff going on.

If it were me I would be trying to move him, however I don’t think he has much value at this point. The odds of him playing this year or even next to me are slim to none. I’m not giving up much more than a mid to back end RB2 for him.

Honestly i dont think he has any vaule anymore. Like @timothyjon86 has said he might be worth trading out for a back RB2. But I think that’s feeling lucky someone will take him from you.

Dump him. Get anything you can for him

I think he plays for someone in 2020. If you can find someone that will give you something of value go for the trade but don’t drop him.

Yeah totally depends on your roster size. If you think there is a chance he can play again then hang on to him bc you won’t get anything in trade right now

Since you are stacked at WR, trade him away.