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Tyreek Hill fir Joe Mixon and Tyrelle pryor?


So I was offered Joe MIxon and Tyrelle Pryor or Martavis for tyreek hill, standard scoring 10 team

WR: Nelson Crabtree Cobb Cupp and Hill
RB: Hunt Ajayi Carson Hyde T. Coleman Perine

Should i take this trade before Mixon blows up in this new cincy offense then sell Ajayi or Hyde for WR upside


Im temtped to go Hill straight up for mixon but there’s no WR ic ould think of that could match his usage


yea pryor sucks this year and Martavis is hit or miss you have a good corp on both sides but if any i would do mixon probably

help with mine please…


I dont like it… you look pretty thin at RB to me. And even though ertz is one of the only consistent TE in the league right now you’re giving up evans for ertz essentially (bcz k benjamin has basically been a non factor for the last two years hed just b a wasted roster soace in my opinion) doesn’t seem pragmatic I’d counter for Ertz and a RB upper tier RB2

So you’d take hill for mixon straight up and flip ajayi or hyde?
I don’t have confidence in either of these guys lasting the season that why i wanna shop them and secure a solid RB2 potential RB 1 in mixon


yea hyde is much better than ajayi this year…


what about changing the trade instead of Evans/Graham for Benjamin/Ertz to Evans/Graham for L. Miller/ Ertz


Still not a huge fan of that, Jamies is going to force feed evans all year on top of him being a freak. I’d see if he would bite on Devante Parker straight up for Ertz and then look elsewhere for RB depth cause Miller is going to slowly see his carries eaten up by Foreman


THe big question is would you feel more comfortable starting miller over your next best RB behind HUnt which in my opinion is between carson and abdullah ppl are saying the ravens backfield is gonna be controlled by buck allen but i’ll have to see it first…miller over carson or abdullah…idk thats tough i heard one expert say thta d’ontae foreman’s uptick in usage could be productive for miller too…

Nah i thought about it giving up evans for Ertz isn’t a good idea i mean if it was gronk then hell yeah but ertz isnt a week winning force just yet idk if he will be this year but evans sure is he will definitely have games this year that could push you over the top of your opponents so no dont trade evans for ertz