Tyreek hill for Damien Williams

Help me out here footclan.

I got offered Damien Williams straight across for my Hill in half point dynasty. I feel like this is an auto reject under any circumstance where tyreek stays on the field.

What are your feelings on the matter? What are your thoughts on Williams as a fantasy asset in general?

I lean towards Williams being a placeholder for Darwin Thompson or some RB that will be drafted next year, with little value past the 2019 season. Is that silly of me?

I would not accept. You’re best bet is to hold for Hill.

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Don’t take that. Williams is short term and the investigation with Tyreek is at a standstill and he could possibly return sooner than we think. He may even be able to even join the team for training camp.

Thanks for the validation y’all. Me and the other guy got in a heated debate about the value of players in dynasty.


Heat = excited? or confrontational?

He basically values all players the same in dynasty and redraft and refuses to acknowledge that some players just don’t have long term value. Like Damien Williams.

Thanks. You’re right in redraft I might draft/own Williams.

If I was a Damien Williams dynasty owner I would be desperately trying to get the most out of him. And off my roster ASAP!

If you’re a strong contender and williams can help you win now, I’d be willing to give him up for hill + a little more. Winning a chip in one season is worth more than possibly winning in others. Damiens typically going in the 5th-6th round in ADP of dynasty startups and Hill is around that as well although recent news will bump him up. He’ll see a suspension so to the extend williams helps you win, take it. Darwin thompson is non factor.

Oh man that’s some great info that he has given you. Sounds like he undervalues younger/ascending talents and overvalues older/depreciating talents. You should be targetting trades with him accordingly.


In my experience, when someone gets upset about trades it means that they really liked your player over theirs. I agree with @MikeMeUpp that if it helps you win this year, I’d take Williams because Hill will miss time for sure.

is getting Fournette for Damien Williams a scenario which you would take in discussion of “get most of it”?

I’m all out on fournette. His ankle issues aren’t going away. Just cant support his size. That + soft tisse hamstring issues = no thanks. I’d rather have williams who has higher upside and can get me a W this season.

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I understand not being high on Fournette. He was a guy I was completely off of going as a mid-to-late first last year. But now as a mid 3rd? I feel like there is value to be had there. And as a 4th overall pick going against a 6th year undrafted FA JAG with an admittedly great opportunity? I will take Fournette all day over Williams.

Let’s get serious. Damien Williams has zero long term value. If I have a locked and loaded championship calibre team, I might keep Williams over Fournette. MIGHT. But it is pretty clear that in a bubble, Fournette is a much better dynasty asset than Williams. Williams is a sell-high asset for anyone that doesn’t have a very clear title shot.

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I think one thing your forgetting here is that fournette has just as much risk of being replaced as williams. The 2020/2021 RB classes are stacked. Fournette has shown he is unable to stay on the field, and even when he is on the field is incredibly inefficient, that on top of his off field issues. What makes you think Jags don’t draft someone new this year or next year to replace him? You act like he’s a lock to be the lead RB there for the forseeable future. Rams drafted an average talent in the 3rd this year and everyone is willing to write off one of the best RBs in the league this time last year. Things change quick. I’ll take my shot on Williams this year if I am a contender than grasp on to the hope that Fournette even makes it through the year.

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I agree with you on that. Fournette played in 8 games last season and 13 the season prior. With a lot of RBs in the upcoming drafts, I see the Jags moving on from him. Not only with his off-field issues but a lot of soft tissue injuries as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried moving him one way or the other before too long.