Tyreek Hill for Jay Ajayi?

Hey Footclan!

Standard scoring, non-PPR league. I feel pretty decent about my WR group. Dez Bryant, Doug Baldwin, Will Fuller, and Tyreek Hill. I have LeVeon Bell in my backfield, but it is a bit rocky from there. I have Carlos Hyde, Alvin Kamara, and Jerrick McKinnon.

My question:

Would I be crazy to offer Tyreek Hill for Jay Ajayi?

Yes. Your RBs are good. Tyreek Hill is insanely more valuable than the unknown Eagles version of Jay Ajayi.

Personally, I wouldn’t. Hill has a great playoff schedule and you don’t really know what you’re getting from Ajayi in Philly. I think he’ll be good but he’s useless for another 2 weeks

If you actually offered that I’d POUNCE on that as the Ajayi owner. You’re giving up proven production for a mystery.