Tyreek Hill for Mccaffrey and Martavis Bryant...Good Trade?

I just traded Christian Mccaffrey and Martavis Bryant for Tyreek Hill in my PPR league and I’m wondering if I just tweaked a bit. Your thoughts

Heres my squad btw

QB: Stafford, Luck, Wentz

RB: Ajayi, Fournette, Mixon, Derrick Henry, Adrian Peterson

WR: Julio Jones, Hopkins, Tyreek Hill, Marshall

TE: Watson

I think you did ok. You may have given up a bit more than you got, but you also consolidated value into your starting lineup.

Thanks I think I over did it for him too but I really wanted Hill to solidify my lineup. Mccaffrey and Bryant are to inconsistent for me

Yea, I get that. McCaffrey should get better, but you definitely upgraded your WR group, which was needed. I’m also always wary of giving up solid RB depth, but I think it’s a risk you can afford.