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Tyreek Hill Hype Dynasty


I have been listening to the Podcast for a few months now but became an official FootClan member yesterday. I am in the 4th year of my Dynasty league and recently trade for Tyreek Hill. I have been waiting for Pod to talk about Hill for a while now and it is only fitting that they did yesterday! THE. HYPE. IS. REAL.


im a KCMO native, so im all on the hype train. the funny thing about that, i temper my homer side of myself REAL hard in fantasy football. because i dont want to be the guy in home leagues reaching for a player just because he is a chief. here is the thing… i dont think i can help myself on this one. i just dont. they are going to up his snap percentage from 45% to 90%. they are taking him off of kick returns to keep him fresh. his routes are crisp and he has surprisingly good hands. proof for me was at chiefs camp, i saw him on one of the jug machines putting his hands right in front of the launch point. probably took about 30 balls, and i think he dropped 2. same thing with a tennis ball launcher. dude has pretty damn good hands for a small hand guy. then throw in the dynasty part, and pat mahomes ability to throw that long ball on a damn rope, and next year he might (and i mean might) be the number 1 receiver in all of football. think a faster antonio brown. because they are the EXACT same size. then think of mahomes as a more mobile big ben, with some farve thrown in there. its possible. that or i have let my homer side take over. who knows. but i am PUMPED for 2017 and 2018.


Thanks for such a detailed, well thought out response! Love hearing from a native and from someone who has been to KCC camp. I’ve been tracking Hill for a while now and have loved everything I’ve seen. Yes Alex Smith is not known for his long ball or his prolific TD numbers but I think things are changing over in KC. Preseason numbers are to be taken with a grain of salt but they already have more throwing TDs in the second week than they did the entire preseason last year. Also Mahomes is the future and has looked the Farve-like part quite nicely. Hoping for a nice week 3 dress rehearsal against the Seahawks!


if there is one thing you should take from this, its his snap percentage. doubling his snap count is huge. he was 61 receptions for 600 yards and 6 TDs… wow i just realized he is the devil, 666. anyway moving on. dobule those up and its 122 receptions, for 1200 yards, and 12 TDs. thats huge! now lets talk about him being the number 1 guy so he will pull different coverages from the Z spot, so those numbers do go down obviously. but i really dont think its a far stretch to go to 90 receptions, for 1000 and… hmm, TDs are hard so lets say 4. thats about 240 points in PPR. i mean, he hit 61 receptions on 45% snap count… it feels weird to even think that his stats will be that good, but honestly… besides injury, how can they not? i dunno, im just super excited to see how this season goes. and im real excited for the game tonight. this might be the first season ever that i have been pumped for ALL of the preseason games.

anyway, im a rambler with a lot of thoughs so ill bail out not. happy hunting this year!


sorry correction, i meant to type along 210 points. not 240.


At the end of each season, I write myself a list of things to remember. The top item was “Draft Tyreek Hill every chance you get”.