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Tyreek Hill Hype


Is Tyreek Hill worth the hype? He’s going in the 4th/5th RD in mock drafts. I’ve seen as early as the 3rd. From what I’m seeing on Reception Perception he’s an average to slightly above average receiver. Should he drafted as WR3 or WR2? It’s off season, the dead time before training camp starts. I know we cannot expect last years numbers, there will be a regression. Reports say he’s Kansas Citys # 1 WR? What can we expect this year?


I think you will see a regression on those crazy return tds. But i think he gets more involved in the passing. The biggest thing i have taken from this off season for hill is they straight up said they are not going to use him on kick returns. Thars a leg saving thing so he can keep the big plays going. I honestly see him as a Antonio brown type player. I’m not in any way saying he becomes Antonio brown, but he is improving on route running, and they have made it clear they want to use him more in the offense. So ill draft him 4th or 5th round, on one condition. Because i think he is a year out from being really damn good. I have to alresdy have my 1 and 2 wrs. I think hill will be the ultimate flex monster this year. Some weeks he will disappear, then he will show up with 8 receptions for 120 yards and 2 tds. I think he will be the ultimate game winning type guy. But also a potential game loser cause he goes 2 for 20. I could go on and on about him (im a local kc guy so i pay close attention to him) but my main point is yeah he is worth the hype, just maybe not in the way most are thinking.


Hill is currently going back of the 5th rd in espn drafts so that is a very reasonable spot for him imo but it will most likely rise by the time august rolls around. Going against #1 CBs will be something for him to adjust to but with so much more volume that he will get, the overall yards will be similar but the TDs will probably come down. He is the #1 WR in KC but Kelce and him are 1A and 1B in whichever order you want. There were 1.3 pts separating WR22 from WR27 last year in my league’s scoring format and I see somewhere in that area is his floor. I see his ceiling as somewhere between WR12 and WR15