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Tyreek Hill Keep or Sell


After Tyreek’s monster game, I’m very tempted to ship him away for a higher value player. What do you guys think? Think he can maintain a high level of play throughout the season or is this the best game of the year for him?


I own him in 2 leagues and I’m keeping him.


Same, I have him in a dynasty league for $14. I love this dude. He is going to thrive in Andy Reid’s offense.


Hang onto him


If you can get someone to overpay, then do it. But otherwise, he is gonna be a nice WR for you team all year long.


Sell, sell, sell. He’s going to be very boom or bust. Without a busted coverage, he ends the night with 6 for 58 and you’re all a lot less excited. I’m not saying he’s not good, or not valuable, but the hype from that upset and his nice stat line in the upset will have people irrationally high in him. There’s a great chance you can get a lot more than he’s actually worth.


I like how he was utilized in the offense and he has killer speed but if a top tier running back has a mediocre week, I’d love to try to use that hype to get another major piece to my offense.


@jacob_s agreed, or a higher end WR.


This is the same exact thing people were everyone about him after he had performances like this week after week last season. Plus they are still giving him kick returns, which he returned for touchdowns on numerous occaisions. Yes there will be odd weeks when he disappears. I just think any time he shows, which I believe will be majority of weeks, he will be a top 10 WR.

That being said, if you have a way to get Brown, Jones, Beckham, Nelson, or Green paired with Ty Montgomery or better RB. While giving up Tyreek and a less than Montegomery RB. Then I would say do it all day long.


I got:

RB: Ajayi, Montgomery, Mixon, Hill, and West

WR: Julio, Dez, Crabtree, T. Hill, Watkins, and Lockett.

I was thinking about potentially targeting Jordan Howard


Here are the facts: 1) Without the blown coverage TD, he has 63 total yards, and everyone is WAY less excited; 2) he was massively TD dependent last year; 3) TDs (especially long ones) can’t be relied upon year to year; 4) he had all of 61 catches for less than 700 yards and roughly 900 total yards last year.

If the TDs dip, he’s going to need MUCH more yardage consistency. He still impresses me as a bit of a gadget player. Could I be wrong? Sure, but I wouldn’t trust him as more than a WR3 until he proves he deserves it (he’s my WR4 in the only league I own him in). Plenty of people are talking him up as a high end 2 or even a 1, which is absurd. If I can get that value back for him, I’m selling.