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Tyreek Hill/mark Ingram for David Johnson?


Would I be giving up to much for DJ?


Yes, I think so. Downgrade the WR you have to give up.


Or at least ask for a good WR back


I remember you were helping yesterday I’m struggling to make a trade I told you yesterday that I was offered Evans/Sony/Aaron jones for hill/Zeke but still not sure if I should do it, what about landry and Ingram for DJ


I think Landry and Ingram is very fair, I would make that trade if I could.

My rule of thumb… never want to go through with a trade that I feel iffy about. Want to be at least 95% confident haha


I know that’s the thing the Evans/Sony/jones offer I’m just not that confident about it, if it was you though would you make that deal?


You were receiving those guys for Hill and Ingram?


No for hill and zeke


Haha shit ya that makes more sense. Who’s your current RB2 behind Zeke?

For me… Hill and Evans are equal to each other, so I’m mostly analyzing Sony/Jones for Zeke. I usually don’t like trading 1 guy for 2 (usually means the 1 is better and I like to be on the end receiving the best guy). Jones is finally getting the touches to make him at least an RB 2 ROS and Sony is a good RB 1 when he’s healthy. It’s a tough one but I would heavily consider it, depending on who you’re current RB 2 is.


My current RBs are: Zeke, Mark Ingram, Carlos Hyde, Doug Martin and Chris Thompson so other then Zeke the rest are kinda iffy, I like Ingram C Thomson I always have but with kamara and Peterson handling the majority of the load it’s hard to tell what kind of weeks each will have


But I could have a team of
Jared cook

Bench: jones

Or stick with this

Jared cook

Bench: Lockett


Ugh, it’s tough. What’s your record. If you need to make moves, I’m not opposed to it.


I’m 4-4 in 4th place top 6 make it and it’s really close from 1-10 place it’s very very close


Another thing to consider is Evans is past his Bye week… even though Zeke is too but you can compensate for Sony’s bye to come more so than Hill’s bye to come I think.


I know I was thinking the same thing I like that evans is off his bye I guess my main concern is Sony’s health and is if GB allows jones to run away with the job(not sure why they haven’t let him yet)