Tyreek Hill or Brandin Cooks

I received a trade offer and I would be receiving Brandin Cooks and I would be trading away Tyreek Hill. Do you guys think this is a good trade or not?

I don’t like it. Too many options in New England. Compared to the three options in KC.

I think that’s a good trade (coming from a KC fan). Also Cooks has Brady throwing to him instead of Smith. Smith has a lot of room for regression. My only concern in NE would be the amount of mouths to feed.

I just think cooks is big play dependent saw it all the time with the saints. He’ll have those big games like Sunday, but I think hills production will be more consistent. I’m not big on trading same positions. I like filling needs. That’s just my opinion though.

The only two players he has that are of any value are Cooks and Bell, and he won’t trade Bell.

Hill is the better option

I agree with @Brentny also Hill also has BIG!!! Play upside plus multiple rushing attempts per game and returns punts and kickoffs occasionally, if this other guy has nothing to offer then leave it alone and look for more open trading opportunities

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OK I declined the trade thanks for the help guys.