Tyreek Hill Risk/Reward

So my league is a keeper league where we keep 3 players per year. James Conner is a lock for a keep for me. My other choices are Dalvin Cook, George Kittle and the infamous child-beater Tyreek Hill. By the end of the year last year Tyreek was the #1 receiver in my league. With his connection with Mahomes (assuming Mahomes regression), Tyreek would probably be a top 10 receiver any full year. I’m just really not sure if he’s worth the risk of the upcoming suspension and possible future allegations that could tank his career and my team. Any thoughts or advice?

I guess the most important piece of information is when are your keepers due?

If you’re a gambler, then Hill may be worth keeping. Even if he sees a 4-6 week suspension, the only thing that would convince me to release him is if he’s cut. When he comes back (assuming he’s suspended at all) he’s still the top option on the leagues top offense… I’d keep him most of the time.

If he’s suspended 4 games or less, I think I’d keep him along with Cook and Conner.

If the suspension is 5+ games, I’m not so sure… How many bench spots in your league? If you have deep benches (7 or more) then you might be able to get away with him taking up a roster spot until he can play, but keep in mind too that the Chiefs bye week is week 12. So if the suspension is let’s say 6 games, that means for over half of the fantasy regular season you won’t be able to use him. If you draft well and/or have a lot of bench spots you could get away with stashing him for 6+ games, but if not, I wouldn’t.

I have a similar dilemma in a 2 keeper league… just waiting to hear if he’s suspended and for how long.